Bravo to Chairman of the Harris Poll & former President Clinton adviser Mark Penn for his methodical deconstruction of the bad-faith Mueller investigation of Trump from its very beginning till now.

I’ve had Mark Penn on my show as a fellow advocate highlighting the abuses of Ken Starr against Clinton during the Lewinsky fiasco.  I join him in his visceral indictment against the “Deep State”-enabling violations of law and conscience dominating the Russian-collusion ‘slop-eration’ being conducted right now against a duly elected President.

You’ll find his piece published in The Hill entitled, “Stopping Robert Mueller to protect us all.”


FACT: The FBI had said that the Trump adviser George Papadopoulos-Australian Ambassador Alexander Downer conversation in London triggered their investigation at the end of July, 2017. Papadopoulos allegedly told Clinton-ally Downer that “Russia had dirt on Hillary” which turned out to be claims provided to Papadopoulos by yet another Clinton-ally (and self-proclaimed Clinton-Foundation member) Professor Joseph Mifsud.

We now know through the NY Times and other outlets that it started weeks before the discovery-grounds they cited to justify it. They lied.

FACT: As the Washington Post acknowledged on March 18th of this year, “Publicly available voter registration information shows that 13 of the 17 members of Mueller’s team have previously registered as Democrats, while four had no affiliation or their affiliation could not be found.”

And remember folks, Mueller being an establishment Republican means nothing given that Trump is a documented opponent of the establishment in both parties. The bias make-up is enough to choke a whale.

FACT: We now know that the Obama-FBI infiltrated the Trump campaign with an informant to spy on them (Stefan Halper, a former  fellow-talk host of mine at Radio America), and that it was weeks before the July 31st date they had claimed the investigation began.

FACT: FBI Agent Peter Strzok and FBI legal Counsel Lisa Page discussed (in texts to one another) their intent to use their official positions to thwart candidate Trump, and then President Trump, before they were caught and removed.  In the minds of all with an IQ above laundry, the damage was done.

Consequently, there are no good-faith grounds to believe that there wouldn’t be a perjury trap for Trump should he sit down with Mueller.  All it takes is Trump having recollection-differences with other witnesses to provide grounds for Mueller to characterize those recollection-differences as equal to perjury.  President Trump, do not fall for this crap!!

Government personnel do not get to use the trappings of officialdom to violate the same body of laws they would otherwise enforce upon the rest of us.  That includes ALL three branches – hence the always useful 1st and 2nd Amendments.

I’m a former national television correspondent and current nationally syndicated talk host of the longest running centrist show in the country completing its 20th year next month.

Accordingly, I’ll continue to expose and stress these developments until this sham of an operation receives its richly deserved blood-curdling death knell.