Today at 5… The Alan Nathan Show – SUBJECTS: Democrats cheer Michael Bloomberg for donating 110 million to their Midterm campaigns even as he specifically and unambiguously calls for increasing taxes on the poor – is that the best formula for attracting voters? //Most “Battleground” Senate races are breaking for GOP with Donnelly trailing Braun in IN; Nelson behind Scott in FL, McCaskill losing ground to Hawley in MO; Bredesen flailing in back of Blackburn in TN; Sinema just slipping behind McSally in AZ; Heitkamp buried behind Cramer in ND; and Rosen trailing Heller in NV //Nate Silver of Five Thirty-Eight now says House could go either way while still giving Dems the nod – why the change from “Blue Wave” to ‘Blue Sprinkle’? Listen Live: