Today at 5… The Alan Nathan Show – SUBJECTS: Obama-Clinton supporter & legendary attorney Alan Dershowitz says Mueller is investigating activities unrelated to Russian Collusion & creating crimes to pressure witnesses to turn on Trump – is he correct? //Trump claims media is hysterical in coverage of his former lawyer’s plea deal with Mueller and that it means nothing – what’s next? //Did the FBI raid the home of whistleblower Dennis Nathan Cain just because he handed over incriminating evidence against Hillary Clinton to Congress – despite it being approved by DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz? //Obama provably used tear gas & pepper spray at the border far more often than has Trump yet Democrats gave the former a pass while condemning the latter – does the hypocrisy get any more mind-numbing and intellectually bereft? //Despite polls showing 80 percent agree with rioters in Paris opposing French President Macron’s Climate Change tax on fuel, he refuses to back off. Since US Democrats want to bring the same tax here – what would we do? Listen Live: