Battle Line



Their stance against the Iraq War       Their resistance to HMO reform
Their support for partial birth abortion (dilation and extraction) Their opposition to a patients bill of rights
Their backing of campaign finance reform Their aversion to gay rights
Their efforts behind more gun control Their support for media consolidation
Their desire for more hate crime legislation Their backing of the flag amendment
Their addiction to political correctness Their campaign for prayer in school
Their trade protectionist policies Their anti-US Trade posture camouflaged as free trade
Their fight against torte reform Their one-sided torte reform (they’re correct on frivolous lawsuits but shameless on frivolous motions)
Their dated support for affirmative action Their stance against anti-trust laws
Their resistance to deregulation Their resistance to all regulation
Their stance against teacher accountability in education Their weak funding of "No Child Left Behind"
Their helping feminism morph into ‘male bashing‘ Their obstruction of drug imports from Canada
Their indulgent use of censorship Their gender traditionalism morphing into sexism
Their earmarks on the "sly" Their indulgent use of censorship
Their LEADERSHIP’S anti-American Immigration reform Their earmarks on the “sly”
Their latitude for Palestinian terrorists over Israel Their LEADERSHIP’S anti-American Immigration Reform
Their global warming alarmism Their latitude for Saudi Arabia’s inspiration of terrorism
Their universal support for taxes Their old insistence on the Clinton Impeachment
Their blind support for the UN Their alliance with corporate welfare
Their blind support for unions Their latitude for corporate malfeasance
Their blind support for the ACLU Their not funding "First Responders" correctly
Their resistance to all non-left judicial nominees Their global warming denial
Their resistance to welfare reform Their opposition to a payroll tax cut
Their opposition to the Patriot Act Their blind support for the Chamber of Commerce
Their silliness surrounding Guantanamo Their psychotic spending
Their resistance to social security reform Their slowness in listening to Petraeus
Their foreign policy: placing foreign approval above U.S. interest Their blowing social security reform
Their approach to defense (too quick to surrender) Their recklessly tolerating the UN
  Their approach to defense (too slow to adapt)

Centrists disagreeing with each other on some of the above points will still universally agree on this: Neither Republicans nor Democrats have a corner market on righteousness. In our democratic republic, we acknowledge that officials must be independent of wind-blowing constituency polls - but greater still should be their independence from party dictates.

Each party gives a pass to their own for that which they never tolerate from others. Accordingly, where goes their moral authority if the standards that each imposes upon the other are not equally placed upon themselves?

The reason for this is that the establishment parties have a greater vested interest in one another’s failure than they do our success. It is against our widely shared interests as citizens to continue relying upon the unreliable. Their “net sum gain” and “lesser of two-evils” politics require only that one be less displeasing than the other at election time.

This twisted measure limits their horizons, and by default our own. Their guide becomes: How much can we get away with before it costs us at the ballot box?” Why not put the “home team” before the “party’s team,” and then gain at the ballot box?

A centrist-minded force would challenge the others to be more than the comparatively less appealing. Competition’s magic helps not only in business, but in the business of politics as well. It has always been the best way to increase performance and satisfaction.



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