Battle Line
“You are without exception the most talented talk host in the business. The caliber and speed of your show is without equal. No other host puts me through the paces like you.”
-- LT. COL. BILL COWAN, Fox News Counter-terrorism Expert and Highly Profiled Commentator.

“I think he’s got a winner and I thoroughly enjoyed being on.”
-- DAVID GERGEN, U.S. News & World Report

“Alan Nathan is the REAL voice of the ‘silent majority.’”
-- BILL SCHNEIDER, CNN Political Analyst

Great back and forth. Tough but fair. Happy to be on anytime.”
-- ELEANOR CLIFT, Newsweek Magazine and NBC’s McLaughlin Group Panelist

Alan is quick-witted, full of razor sharp comebacks. He’s a fierce centrist who gets both sides of the political spectrum equally fired up.”
-- RITA COSBY, 3-Time Emmy Award winning Reporter and host of FOX News Channel’s The Big Story - Weekend Edition

“Smart and fast, this show has a great edge.”
-- TONY BLANKLEY, NBC’s McLaughlin Group Panelist and nationally syndicated columnist

“Your reputation is formidable... I've been listening to you - you're terrific!”
-- ELAINE CHAO, Secretary of U.S. Department of Labor

"I had a phenomenal time, just about the best interview I've had in quite a while- you have an incredible command of the language"
-- Lee Greenwood, country music star

“One of the most unusual talk shows in the business because he is a radical moderate. It terrified me the first time I was on because within 30 seconds I realized I was playing in a very difficult sport. It’s a brilliant show and he is a brilliant moderator.”
-- MICHAEL HARRISON, Editor & Publisher, Talkers Magazine

“Alan Nathan has proven to be a better selling point than anything else we have on our station, including Bill O’Reilly.”
-- CHUCK WRIGHT, General Manager, WKBR 1250, Nashua, Manchester & Concord, NH. Formerly GM of WOTW 900 AM, Nashua, NH and WGAW 1340 AM, Gardner, MA

HE WILL enthrall and stimulate an audience the entire time he is on. The energy never stops!!! Keep the great guests coming!
-- CathyMarie Hail (GM) KXYL 96.9 FM

“One of the best shows I’ve added to the line up - our listeners love it!” --
BENJI CARLE, Owner/GM, WBCF 1240 AM, Florence, AL

"Alan Nathan has done a great job entertaining and informing our audience! I've never experienced better one-on-one service from any other talk show host in the industry."
-- Mike Michaels, Operations Manager, Clear Channel Radio WZZR-WCZR-WAVW-WQOL-WSYR-FM-WJNX-WAXE Port St. Lucie, FL 34952

“Battle Line consistently draws listeners to our afternoon drive slot and remains sold out -and that’s delayed broadcast!”
-- CHRIS LAMKE, General Manager, KVPI, 1050 AM, Ville Platte, LA

We are ecstatic with Battle Line. We had it on evening delay broadcaast and it blew away FM rock competition! So strong was your show that we happily moved it to our morning line up. Thanks for the great ratings. Keep up the good work.
-- Randy Minter, General Manager, KNOE, Monroe, LA

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