Today at 5… The Alan Nathan Show: SUBJECTS: Jobs rocket up to 4.8 million reaching 60% beyond the original forecast while unemployment drops to 11.1% – will the two month positive trend continue? //How long can “Black Lives Matter” enjoy its popularity as more folks discover its camouflaged bullying, anti-Semitism, racism and Marxism? //Trump gets heat over a leaked intel report never given to him alleging that Russians are awarding bounties to the Taliban for killing American soldiers – if the CIA didn’t have enough confidence in the report to tell him, how is he to blame for not knowing? //Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R) says NIAID Dir Fauci “doesn’t know what he’s talking about” when claiming TX didn’t follow US Health Agency guidelines for re-opening the economy – who’s right in a debate where so many (including Fauci) have been wrong? Listen Live: