Today at 5… The Alan Nathan Show: SUBJECTS: What do you do when you’re a Democrat and you’re confronted with a stellar candidate for the US Supreme Court? Keep whining about the Affordable Care Act which no one likes anyway, and keep scaring people. That’s what you do! //The confirmation hearings are much calmer than was ever expected. In fact, it’s like being in pre-law. Is any of this civics course being seen by the people who most need to see it? Those who got none of this in public school? //What happens when news agencies provoke and incite violence in order to be the story instead of reporting the story? Is that really what happened in Denver when Lee Keltner was killed this past weekend? We’ll get an update on the case. Karen Kataline is filling-in for Alan Nathan while he and his wife take some time for themselves following the passing of their beloved Jaz- a 13 ½ year old Maltese-Pekingese who seemed touch by the heavens and was the best pet they ever had. Listen Live: