Both the Rasmussen Poll and the Huffington Post Poll are showing that a greater percentage of Americans blame illegal immigrant parents more than they do Trump for the separation of families at the border.

They’re not buying the media’s Goebbels-style Sophistry on this issue. And this is despite the mainstream media’s disinformation campaign to obscure the legally binding roles of the 1997 Flores Settlement and the 2013 Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act.  Citizens are also learning about the history of Obama’s similar approach to the challenge.

Headline: “Voters Blame Parents, Not Feds, For Border Children Crisis”


Headline: “More Americans Blame Undocumented Parents Than Trump For Family Separations”

(Carried from: McClatchy Washington Bureau)
Headline: “Obama separated families at the border, too”

We’re apparently witnessing that survey numbers usually change once the country’s increasing knowledge gains some ground on otherwise premature representations.

Former CNN commentator, current RNC Spokesperson and frequent guest on our show, Kayleigh McEnany, reminds us of a few things in a recent Hill piece entitled, “What the media isn’t telling you about Trump and immigration.”  She writes that:

Loopholes like 1997’s Flores settlement, which does not permit children to be detained for more than 20 days, have the unintended effect of separating children from still-detained parents after a 20-day period because, as Rich Lowry wrote: “Adults (claiming asylum) are almost certainly going to be detained longer than the government is allowed to hold their children. … So even if we want to hold a family unit together, we are forbidden from doing so.”

Similarly, the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (TVPRA) does not permit minors from non-contiguous countries (i.e. Central American countries) to be sent home in an expedited fashion.

Trump signed an Executive Order to curtail the separation practice which has been happening for years.  This includes 2009 to 2010 when Democrats controlled not only the White House, but also both chambers of Congress with a veto proof number of 60 Democrats in the Senate which had accordingly permitted them to make whatever immigration reforms they wanted.

Of course family separations are gut-wrenching.  However, given their past behavior, don’t these Trump critics sound a bit like a bunch pyromaniacs lecturing us all about fires?