Alan Nathan

The only reason why Trump enjoys such GOP support is because he had been able to accomplish everything the GOP & Democrat Establishments never could, and they hate eating that crow every single day.
Both they and Biden-the-Pretender will find Trump’s pre-Covid-19 achievements difficult to erase from our memories despite the expected assist from make-believe mainstream media:
FACT: He provided women with their lowest unemployment in decades;
FACT: He provided Blacks with their lowest unemployment ever;
FACT: He provided Hispanics with their lowest unemployment ever;
FACT: He successfully rewrote NAFTA with Canada and Mexico while making it now measurably more fair to us and our Unions (renamed USMCA and finally signed into law);
FACT: He got American companies to return here for their manufacturing needs (as well as enticing foreign companies to invest here more than they had);
FACT: He signed the “Right-to-Try Legislation” wherein dying Americans are now allowed to take experimental drugs when the dangers of their current illnesses are worse than the drug’s potential side-effects;
FACT: Prevailing where all his predecessors had failed, he signed the long awaited Criminal Justice Reform (or the First Step Act) that passed the Senate 87 to 12 and the House 360-59 – again, a promise on which he ran that helped free the very Blacks which Biden hurt with his own ’94 Crime Bill;
FACT: Despite being excoriated by the Left for supposedly alienating our NATO allies when he demanded they fulfill their promised 2% of GDP for the alliance’s defense, NATO’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has repeatedly acknowledged that Trump’s tough negotiating paid off, and that it resulted in NATO allies committing another 100 billion to the organization’s common defense.
FACT: Trump gets FOUR Nobel Peace Prize nominations for brokering the Serbia-Kosovo, UAE-Israeli AND Bahrain-Israeli normalization peace treaties – the last two of which were the first Middle East peace deals accomplished in 26 years! (The Abraham Accords)
FACT: Trump promised that “Warp Speed” would deliver a Covid-19 vaccine and he kept that promise – despite the entire Left claiming it would never happen and that it was “dangerous” to promise.