Today at 5… The Alan Nathan Show: SUBJECTS: DNC plans to pressure Short Message Service (SMS) carriers (aka phone companies) to censor PRIVATE TEXTS ostensibly to counter “misinformation” even though the term is often the label given to dissent that is itself trying to correct “misinformation” – what should follow? //Why are 300 Capitol Hill Riot suspects held in solitary confinement 22 hours a day despite facing zero charges for insurrection, sedition, arson or any of the otherwise more serious ones vs their charges for trespassing and B&E – what authority should be held accountable? //Dems are petrified over the 2022 Midterms while crying foul at the GOP for holding them politically accountable for their overtly unpopular “Defund the Police” and their racist Marxist “Critical Race Theory” indoctrination in schools, government and the Military – what’s next? Listen Live: