Today at 5… The Alan Nathan Show: SUBJECTS: China cracks down on citizens protesting their government freezing/stealing their life savings. Are they the canaries in the coal mine for other places going authoritarian? Isn’t this what Canada’s Justin Trudeau proposed to do to truckers disagreeing with his Draconian policies? //What are the building blocks of mental toughness? In a time when people are falling apart under the strain of threats and crises, isn’t it more important than ever to get mentally tougher? //With tacit acceptance from Leftist politicians, radical groups offer bounties for the whereabouts of SCOTUS Justices like Clarence Thomas so they can harass them or worse. Isn’t that racist and a form of insurrection? Will the propaganda media ever report or investigate it? Karen Kataline Is Filling-In For Alan While He Is On Assignment Listen Live: