Today At 5… The Alan Nathan Show- SUBJECTS: Pro-Life Activist Mark Houck acquitted thus humiliating Biden’s DoJ video-proven prosecutorial abuse – what should be done? //25 States sue Biden’s Dept of Labor for coercing companies to prioritize “woke ESG” politics over fiscal viability when selecting employee-retirement plans – what should be done //Popular rapper Azealia Banks praises FL Gov DeSantis while criticizing “woke” politicians – what should be learned? //Hundreds of Jan 6th suspect continue being denied due process while suffering abusive conditions in DC prisons – what should be done? //FL GOP Rep. Maria Salazar & Maj Leader Steve Scalise reintroduce a House resolution denouncing the “horrors and failures of socialism” citing the billions harmed by it while Dems defend it – why? //Dems like Biden & GA Sen Warnock still insist that GA’s Voter-Integrity Law is “Jim Crow 2.0” despite poll showing “0” African-Americans saying the law impeded their vote – are these two functionally illiterate? //Both Dem & GOP House & Senate Intelligence Committees demand to know the classified documents Biden, Trump & Pence mishandled but are being unconstitutionally rejected by the Biden Administration – what’s next? //NYC politicizes its gov’t workers by demanding they take CRT-driven training – how many lawsuits are likely to follow? //Even anti-Trump reporter Bob Woodward slams mainstream media over its now proven grotesque bias against Trump regarding their fabricated reporting on the debunked Trump-Russian-Collusion canard and said they need to “walk down the painful road of introspection” – will they? Listen Live-