THE ALAN NATHAN SHOW IS LIVE TODAY AT 5PM ET: A Manhattan jury found Donald Trump liable for defaming writer E. Jean Carrol because he called her a liar after she had accused him of a rape which said jury also determined was untrue – huh? //Biden blames Congress not passing his immigration plan for “chaos at the border for a number of years” even though Title 8 already gives any President all actionable authority required to control all borders – why does he forget that inarguable reality //CNN chosen audience frequently cheers Trump over anchor/moderator Kaitlan Collins during his townhall triggering anti-Trumpers (like MSNBC Joe Scarborough) to lose their collective cookies – is that why CNN cut the event short? //An ABC-WashPost poll shows most preferring Trump over Biden, but Wash Examiner reporter Jack Birle argues that while Trump is ahead of FL Gov Ron DeSantis, he doesn’t “fare as well in polls putting him against Biden” – does the Examiner now also camouflage bias as journalism? Listen Live –