THE ALAN NATHAN SHOW IS LIVE TODAY AT 5PM ET: White House orders mainstream media to safeguard Biden’s interests regarding the House Impeachment Inquiry leaving no doubt that most press outlets are propaganda machines – has their future coverage already been stained in the public’s eye?  //U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen rules that the Obama-era DACA Executive Order is  illegal finding that the nine states bringing suit had “standing” since they’ve been harmed by it – how will the appellate process work out? //FBI and IRS whistleblowers have testified that DOJ officials politicized the Hunter Biden investigation, but now another FBI Agent claims it’s not true despite admitting to an unfamiliarity with the facts driving the claims of those whistleblowers – WFT? //Democrat NM Gov Grisham continues getting universally spanked by both parties over her ban against legal concealed & open carry of firearms throughout Albuquerque which she clumsily based upon “health and safety” grounds – now a federal judge has blocked her. – Listen Live: