THE ALAN NATHAN SHOW IS LIVE TODAY AT 5PM ET: AG Merrick Garland testifies there’s no political bias at the DOJ even as he openly defends its blocked prosecutorial actions against Hunter Biden and its ignoring of the Bidens’ 20+ shell companies accepting monies from foreign governments for zero products and services shown – WTF! //Joe Biden’s senility is saliently obvious to anyone with an IQ above sweat stains, but Democrats still refuse to publicly address it – does Biden remain their nominee or will there be a change? //NJ Senator Bob Menendez and his wife have been indicted for the selling-of-access and peddling-of-influence to advantage the interests of a foreign government along with other acts of bribery – why doesn’t the Menendez family get the same pass that was granted to the Bidens?  – Listen Live: