THE ALAN NATHAN SHOW IS LIVE TODAY AT 5PM ET: Hamas & Hezbollah leaders publicly thank Iran for helping in the attack against Israel where over a thousand were killed along with women raped & children abducted – how much blood is on the hands of the Biden Administration for giving Iran that recent 6 billion dollars? //The Democrats’ “Squad” calls Israel “an apartheid government” despite its Muslim citizens having more rights than every single Muslim-majority nation on the planet – are they ignorant, or just sociopathic bad-faith scum-sucking pigs? // Leftwing Big Tech has been censoring free speech by labeling dissent as “misinformation” to justify not having to debate the arguments they fear – will their recent court losses bring those 1st Amendment violations to an end? //A brand new CBS Poll shows that 54% of Conservatives agree with the ouster of former Speaker Kevin McCarthy – does that mean Establishment Conservatives on Capitol Hill will stop calling for the head of FL Rep Matt Gaetz (the one who led the effort)?  Listen Live: