There were bad-faith grounds to the Russian-Collusion investigation from the start.  Now-demoted FBI Agent Peter Strzok launches the investigation based on a May 2016 conversation in London between drunken Trump campaign foreign policy adviser (George Papadopoulos) and Clinton ally (Alexander Downer) – who had secured 25 million for her Foundation before becoming Australia’s Ambassador to the UK.

Papadopoulos tells Downer that Russia has dirt on Hillary; however, that information was told to him by yet another Clinton ally (and self-identified Clinton Foundation member), London-based Professor Joseph Mifsud.

It smells like a set-up.  Think about it.  A Clinton ally tells a Trump guy that Russia has “dirt on Clinton” who tells another Clinton ally who tells the FBI – ‘Hey, this Trump guy is working with Russia.’  Who can swallow this crap without gagging?

Now if the conclusions of an event are grounds for legitimate FBI inquiry, then isn’t the likely-contrived manner in which they were staged equally legitimate for inquiry? Doesn’t this sound like a maneuvered self-fulfilling prophecy with a vile catch-22 ending?

Secondly, FISA warrants were predicated on a “Trump Dossier” financed by the DNC & Clinton Campaign through Fusion GPS, while then Obama’s Associate Deputy Attorney-General Bruce Ohr coordinated with Fusion GPS and the dossier’s author, Christopher Steele.  His wife, Nellie Ohr, also worked with Christopher Steel.  How tribally incestuous can you get?

Remember, recently fired Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe confessed in testiomony before Congress that but for the DNC & Clinton financed Trump Dossier, FISA warrants against Trump Advisor Carter Page wouldn’t have happened when they did.  Does that pose a problem for Mueller’s investigation?  It should.

Adding insult to the proverbial injury, Christopher Steele apparently began work on yet another report that was highlighted a few months ago.  As reported by the Washington Examiner, the Washington Post and other outlets, foreign sources gave additional dossier information to Clinton associate Cody Shearer, who then gave it to Jonathan Winer in the Obama State Department who then gave it to the DNC-Clinton financed Christopher Steele for input AND guidance!

All this is against the backdrop of FBI Agent Peter Strzok and Lisa Page (then Legal Counsel for then FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe) sharing texts of investigative bias against Trump.  These texts were revealed by DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz – an Obama selectee.

The texts exposed more than just bias in their investigation of Trump.  These texts revealed their declared intent to use their government positions to thwart first Candidate Trump and then, should he prevail, President Trump.  Both were initially integral to Mueller’s investigation.

Is it fair to say that it all stinks, and that the stench won’t soon leave the Mueller investigation?  It would seem to – unless language is no longer tethered to the meanings of the words that comprise it.