Recently, former President Obama ridiculed President Trump for having withdrawn the US from the Iran-nuke deal.  He said it was “misguided” because Iran has been complying with the terms.

But Iran’s alleged compliance has been based on a formula that doesn’t allow for confirmation of said compliance because it’s one that has permitted Iran to handle the very evidence needed to prove compliance.

FACT: Iran had “secret side deals” with the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency tasked with monitoring Iran’s adherence to the nuke deal.  These “side deals” permitted Iranian government personnel to be in charge of handing soil samples to the IAEA whenever the IAEA wanted to inspect undeclared sites of operations.

Please, let us ask ourselves a basic question:  Since when do the subjects of investigations get to be part of the chain-of-custody managing the evidence about those same subjects?

No Mr. Obama, those dynamics can never leverage proof of compliance – at least to anyone with an IQ above foot powder.